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Purple Podiums



Our micro-influencing strategy offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach their desired target audience through the utilization of common social media users. Our platform connects businesses with individuals who possess a relatively small following on platforms such as Instagram, yet possess the ability to effectively spread brand messaging to their immediate network via social media stories. Our filtered lists of micro-influencers, with a growing total of 12,000 individuals globally, allow businesses to reach a specific audience at a cost-effective rate compared to traditional advertising methods. These micro-influencers have the potential to effectively promote and engage with your target audience.

Inbound Marketing

Our company boasts a reputation for delivering exceptional outreach to respected press and media outlets across a diverse range of industries. Our "Inbound" process is a strategic approach that focuses on building relationships with key media contacts and identifying opportunities to secure valuable media coverage for our clients. This process includes researching and identifying the most relevant media outlets and journalists for our clients' campaigns, crafting compelling and newsworthy pitch angles, and building ongoing relationships with media contacts to ensure consistent coverage and visibility for our clients.


Collaborating with influential individuals or well-established brands can greatly enhance your clients' reach and engagement with their target audience. Our company boasts a vast network of connections with a diverse range of influencers and celebrities across various industries. Our services include in-depth research and outreach to identify the most suitable influencers for your campaigns, strategic planning and execution of influencer marketing campaigns, and comprehensive analytics to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. By leveraging the power of influencer marketing, our clients can achieve greater brand awareness, increased website traffic and sales, and improved customer loyalty. 

Traditional Route

While we encourage our clients to approach their marketing efforts in an innovative and unique manner, we understand that some may prefer to take a more traditional approach. To accommodate this, our team offers a range of traditional marketing services including paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, and mass email marketing. We work closely with our clients to tailor their marketing efforts to the appropriate platforms in order to reach their target audience in the most effective manner possible. Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum visibility and reach through their marketing efforts, whether it be through traditional or more innovative methods.

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